List – The Best Short SFF: January – March 2017

The Very Best Novellas And Then There Were (N-one), by Sarah Pinsker; Uncanny Magazine, Issue 15 (Mar/Apr 2017) 10 (out of 10) At a trans-dimensional conference of Sarah Pinskers, insurance investigator Sarah Pinsker must find out who was responsible for the murder of DJ Sarah Pinsker as an Agatha Christie style-storm confines all the Sarah... Continue Reading →

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Capsule Reviews – November 2017

Caine’s Mutiny (Caine Riordan Book 4), by Charles E. Gannon 6.7 (out of 10) New York 2140, by Kim Stanley Robinson 8.2 The Stone Sky, by N.K. Jemisin 9.0 Autonomous, by Annalee Newitz 8.5 Caine’s Mutiny, the fourth book in Gannon’s Caine Riordan series, shares a lot of the strengths and flaws of the previous... Continue Reading →

Review – The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt

Rating: 8.7 (out of 10) Tim Pratt’s The Wrong Stars seems to have found a sweet spot between John Scalzi’s acid-tongued space adventures and the interplanetary political maneuvering of The Expanse series. The story follows the crew of the salvage ship White Raven, and the mess they put themselves (and the human race) in when... Continue Reading →

Review – Amatka by Karin Tidbeck

Rating: 4.4 (out of 10) People often conflate pity with sympathy. Both words may refer, superficially, to a feeling of compassion for another’s misfortune; contextually, they can have radically different uses. Sympathy more often carries with it some notion of equity – it asks that compassion be born of justness, that understanding is earned because... Continue Reading →

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