About 1KYP

1000YPThe 1000 Year Plan (1KYP) is the webspace of Colorado-based writer Gary Tognetti. He reviews science fiction and fantasy literature and blogs about related topics.  Generally, he likes to discuss the formal qualities (plot, character, etc.) of the books he reads, but be warned: his politics slant pretty far to the left, and his philosophy is of the marxist/post-structuralist variety. These leanings occasionally find their way into his writing.

Site Policy

Please feel free to leave comments wherever you see fit; however, understand that only respectful, good faith conversation is permitted. Disagreements and dissenting opinions are allowed and encouraged, but trollish acts (such as personal attacks, harassment, derailing, sea-lioning, etc.) against our bloggers or any other commenters will not be permitted. We have no patience for such behavior and offenders will be deleted and blocked without warning. Site administrators have sole discretion in determining what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable behavior and such decisions are irrevocable. In other words, y’all are grown-ups so fucking behave yourselves.

1KYP does not do solicited reviews. If you are an author I have heard of, I am most likely aware of what you have out there and I will either read and review your book/story, or I will not. Rando authors begging for reviews will be ignored. Rando authors who harass 1KYP about ignoring them will be referred back to this page. Rando authors who still insist that they should be an exception to this rule will subsequently be ignored, and then blocked if they continue to have a problem with being ignored.