Review – Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells

Rating: 7.9 (out of 10) For all its potential as an outlet for progressive thought, mainstream science fiction only occasionally takes up the issue of labor rights. Notable examples are few and far between: in the movies we have Lang’s Metropolis, a genuine masterpiece, and Blomkamp’s Elysium, which is genuinely not; H.G. Wells classic novel The Time... Continue Reading →

Review – The Last Good Man by Linda Nagata

Rating: 9.0 (out of 10) There’s a chapter in Linda Nagata’s The Last Good Man where one of the main characters, a military contractor, is walking through a parking lot with his teenage daughters. The scene perfectly illustrates Nagata’s vision of what a future saturated with technology has in store for us: Lincoln is hit with a... Continue Reading →

Review – Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn

Rating: 7.2 (out of 10) Bannerless is a post-apocalyptic murder mystery that works well as a post-apocalypse, somewhat less so as a murder mystery. Carrie Vaughn’s strengths as a writer – her powerful visuals, compelling characters, and intricate worldbuilding – serve this novel well. Set in a future “after the Fall”, Vaughn imagines this new... Continue Reading →

Review – Dichronauts by Greg Egan

Rating: 6.1 (out of 10) Mathematician Greg Egan writes hard science fiction in its purest form; in other words, he is the kind of science fiction writer who writes because he has an itch to scratch. He doesn’t so much build worlds as generate models based around whatever theoretical concepts are occupying his thoughts at the moment... Continue Reading →

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