The Best Short SFF of June 2019

  Recommended Stories "The Harvest of a Half-Known Life", by G.V. Anderson (Lightspeed Magazine Issue 109, June 2019) Short Story Anderson builds an arresting and intricately detailed post-apocalyptic culture where social mores have been re-shaped by climate disaster: technology is taboo, for example, but harvesting the flesh of the dead has a vital role in … Continue reading The Best Short SFF of June 2019

Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 88 (September 2017)

Among the original fiction, there were two very good stories here. The best of them is Jaymee Goh's "The Last Cheng Beng Gift" (8.1), a charming and entertaining fantasy about a woman "living" her afterlife in the underworld, who receives annual gifts from her still living children. She hates the gifts she receives from her … Continue reading Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 88 (September 2017)